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   Designing Your Home Improvement

 We are aware that your home improvement will represent a very important investment for you. It is not only an investment, but an expression of your individual personality. We can help you turn your dreams into a reality. With our guidance, it will be an exciting and rewarding experience!

You may design your own project, or we can suggest a design for you. If you have already determined a floor plan, we will review your drawings or plans. If you are in need of design advice, we have architects available for complete design of construction drawings.
When designing your project, it will be very helpful for us to have an idea of your budget requirements. In using your budget requirements, we can design a project that will be most suitable for you and take out the "guesswork" on our part.

   Permits and Percs

As part of our services, we will apply for all building permits and perc tests, if necessary. If a perc test is required, we will see that it is done, and make sure that the septic layout is completed in accordance with county health department requirements. Working with the many departments involved in the building process can be a time consuming experience. We will make this process as painless and efficient as possible.


Most items in your project will have a fixed price. A few, however, cannot be priced ahead of time, and can only be priced once they are installed. Some of these items are well, septic, and utility installation or upgrade costs.

Also included in the allowances are decorating allowances that allow you, as the customer, to express your own individuality and taste in the project. Our judgment in establishing a value for these allowances is based on the information you give regarding your wants and needs in specific areas.
Generally, these allowances include: kitchen cabinets, vanities, counter tops, light fixtures, and floor coverings, and can be expanded to include any items you deem necessary. We want you to personalize your home so that it truly represents you!

   How Allowances Work

Allowances are actually estimates on what the items listed will cost. With regard to the allowances, you will be charged exactly as we, the contractor, are billed. We act only as a disburser of funds. If the cost of the item turns out to be less than the allowance, you are given the credit towards the price of the project. If the item turns out to cost more than the allowance, the customer will pay the difference with no markup whatsoever. Our discounts with our vendors are significant, giving you more purchasing power with your dollar when we are dealing with allowances.

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