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   Second Story Crofton Additions

Wicomico Model Addition

This is one of our completed "Wicomico Model" addition that adds significant space directly above existing space. Lifetime Design & Build, Inc. is proud to offer this model as one of our specialties. 

View the images below to see how the addition took place.



The original structure, the "Wicomico" Model.  A typical rancher in the Crofton neighborhood.  The owners sought to add a significant amount of living space while preserving the look of the surrounding neighborhood. 

We took off the existing roof and altered the roof line to run from the front to the back of the house.  At no time did we punch through the existing ceiling.  This was of tremendous value to this customer as their living space was not impacted during the addition.

The final structure with siding.  Note how Lifetime Design & Build was able to retain the character of the original.  This house still looked like it belonged in the neighborhood. 

Here is another example of a Wicomico second story addition.  Once again, these owners sought to increase their living space by adding directly on top of the existing house.

With this addition we had took the roof off and had the new roof completed within four days.  This was of great value to the customer, keeping the weather out of the existing home.


You can see how the addition greatly enhances the living space available while keeping the character of the original home.

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